About The Armacosts

Dan & Jennifer Armacost

 Missionaries to Myanmar

My name is Dan Armacost, and the Lord has called me to serve Him in the country of Myanmar (also known as Burma). The Lord began moving in my heart about Myanmar in 2018. The next year, I visited the country for ten days. Soon, my calling to Myanmar solidified through personal Bible reading, Bible study, preaching, and prayer. I visited the country again in May, 2022, the first week it reopened to tourists.

My wife, Jennifer, and I were both raised in missions-minded, Christian homes. I grew up under the ministry of Paul Knieirim at the First Baptist Church of Belpre, Ohio, where I was saved and called to full-time ministry. My wife’s high school years were spent at Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge, Virginia, under the ministry of Mike Edwards.  We met as college students and married in 1995. We have four children: Levi and his wife Bethany (and grandson Jack), Juliana, Annette, and Luke. 

For thirty years I have served on staff at Fairhaven Baptist Church and College in Chesterton, Indiana. My responsibilities have been teaching Bible courses, fulfilling the role of Dean of Students, and serving as an assistant pastor at the church. In May, 2023, I will complete the transition out of my responsibilities at Fairhaven Baptist Church and College and into full-time deputation. 

In January 2024, we moved to Myanmar’s largest city of Yangon (about 8 million people). Our first-term goal is to learn the Burmese language while serving at Bethany Baptist Church, which is pastored by a solid national pastor.  Its ministries include soul-winning outreach, a Christian school, an orphanage, and a Bible institute. From there, we will labor to establish independent Baptist churches and train men for the ministry.

At present, Myanmar is in political turmoil, which is why we are all the more grateful that the Lord has opened our path to serve there. I would count it an honor if you  would pray for us. 

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1972. My dad was employed at the time at the Aberdeen Proving Ground. My mom stayed busy taking care of my sister and I and hosting CEF 5 day clubs. When I was four, my dad purchased a business franchise and we moved to Parkersburg, West Virginia, where we were led providentially to the nearby First Baptist Church of Belpre, Ohio. Pastor Paul Knierim was my pastor throughout the years of my youth, and it was under his ministry that I was called to preach. I got the matter of my salvation settled at the age of 13. First Baptist was a very missions minded church, both at home and abroad. Church buses went out each Sunday morning, and missionaries came to share the need of the world for the gospel.  I was privileged to attend Freedom Christian School from 1st – 12th grade under the care of a number of godly teachers. I spent a couple summers traveling with Evangelist Joe Boyd. 

Pastor Knierim recommended that I attend Fairhaven Baptist College, which I did, enrolling in 1990. I graduated in 1994 with a degree in Pastoral Theology.  While in college, I learned much about ministry through working on a church bus route in Gary under Mr. Todd Wright. And a steady stream of visiting missionaries kept the need of missions before me. I met my wife Jennifer at college and we were married in 1995. 

Since graduation, I have been truly blessed to serve on the staff at Fairhaven Baptist Church and College as a teacher and assistant. I’m thankful for our four children, daughter-in-law, and grandson. Our family served together for 25 years on the church bus route in La Porte, Indiana.

Visits to the country, much prayer and Bible reading, and an obvious need solidified my call to the country of Myanmar (Burma) recently. I move forward with confidence not in myself, but in the One Who loved me, and gave Himself for me. 


I was born in southern West Virginia and raised in a Christian home.  My parents, Milburn & Carolyn Rinehart, are the best, and if you know them, you know that is true! The Lord has been so good to me!  I made a profession of faith when I was 5 years old, but I got assurance of my salvation when I was 12 years of age.  I was away at summer camp, and I got my salvation settled!  When I was in 7th grade, my Dad moved our family to northern Virginia.  It was here that we began attending Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge.  Our family grew in the Lord under the preaching and teaching of Dr. Mike Edwards.  I will forever be grateful for what the Lord did in my heart while attending Heritage Baptist Church and Heritage Christian School.  After graduation from high school, I attended Fairhaven Baptist College and graduated with a secretarial diploma and a degree in Secondary Education.  I also met my husband, Dan, while I was in college!  We were married in 1995.  The Lord has blessed our family with 4 children.  Levi is married to Bethany, and they have two children (Jack and Molly).  Juliana is married to John.  Annette and Luke are currently in Bible college.  We have been privileged to serve the Lord at Fairhaven for the past 30 years, and have learned under many wonderful servants of the Lord.  I’m excited (and a little scared..if I’m being honest) to continue serving the Lord on the mission field in Myanmar.  God is gracious and all-powerful.  It is my privilege to serve Him in any capacity.  We covet your prayers for the needy field of Myanmar.  When I visited the country in May 2022, my heart was overwhelmed with the need.  Since moving to Yangon in January 2024, my burden has only grown for this land.  The power of the gospel is truly needed at home and abroad.